Wayzata Hydrant Flushing Reminder!

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Wayzata Hydrant Flushing Reminder!

Wayzata Hydrant Flushing Reminder!


Just a reminder that Hydrant Flushing Begins Sunday evening, April 21st through Friday, May 3rd.

The purpose of this process is to remove any particulate matter that may have built up in the water mains over the year and also to insure that all fire hydrants on the water system are operating properly in the event of a fire.

As this flushing process may cause your water to become discolored, residents are advised to be observant while washing clothes until after the flushing has been completed.  If discolored water is present, run the cold water faucets until the water clears.

This year though the Utility department will be attempting to complete all flushing in the evening and night hours starting at 10pm and stopping the following morning at 6am in an attempt to alleviate discolored water issue’s this process has caused residents and Commercial businesses during the day.

As this is the first time they will attempt to complete all flushing in the evening, the list of Area’s below is a general guideline as to where we will be flushing each evening.

Wayzata’s Hydrant Flushing Schedule for Spring, 2013:

Sunday Evening-April 21st

Area bordered by Barry Ave., East to Broadway Ave.,

North from Wayzata Blvd. to the Luce Line.

Monday Evening-April 22nd

Area bordered by Glenbrook Road, East to Hwy. 101,

North from Wayzata Blvd. to Harmony Circle.

Tuesday Evening-April 23rd

The Hollybrook, Pondridge, Waycliffe & Gleason Lake areas.

The Wayzata Blvd. and Hwy. 12 Frontage Road businesses.

Wednesday Evening-April 24th

The Gleahaven & Hunters Glen areas, Holdridge, Enchanted Woods, Stone Crest, Bushaway Road & Locust Hill Area.

Thursday Evening-April 25th

Area bordered by Barry Ave.,  East to Superior Blvd., South from Wayzata Blvd. to Lake Street.  All of Shady Lane.

Sunday Evening-April 28th

Area bordered by Superior Blvd., East to Central Ave., South from Wayzata Blvd. to Eastman Lane; and those bordering LaSalle Street.

Monday Evening-April 29th

Ridgeview Drive, Margaret Circle & Far Hill Road areas.

Tuesday Evening-April 30th

Area bordered by Westwood Lane, East to Barry Ave., South from Wayzata Blvd. to County Road 15.

Wednesday Evening-May 1st

The Peavey, Highcroft & Ferndale Woods areas.

Thursday Evening-May 2nd

South and West Ferndale Road, Bovey, Harrington & Ramsey Road areas.

For more information, contact Wayzata Public Works at 952-404-5360, choose option 2.




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