Top Wayzata Realtors Focus on Selling Community as well as Homes

In Blog on October 8, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Top Wayzata Realtors Focus on Selling Community as well as Homes

When buying a home in Wayzata, it is important to pay attention to a variety of details including both the community as well as the many types of properties for sale.


The top realtors in Wayzata realize that selling the community is just as important as showing buyers the selection of homes for sale.


Buyers often times make the mistake of paying so much attention to the actual homes that they don’t look into the pros and cons of the location.


The best real estate agents protect against this, helping their clients see the big picture no matter how much money they are looking to spend.


Mark Bartikoski has more than 20 years experience selling homes in and around Wayzata. He shared the following advice:


“My clients enjoy seeing the many homes for sale in Wayzata, but at the same time most realize that they need to learn more about the area as well. The community has a lot to offer, so it is good to see these people wanting to learn more.”


From first time buyers to those who are purchasing in Wayzata as an upgrade, location is always a big deal:


“In real estate, it is all about the location. I tell my clients that the home itself is important, but that they also need to be comfortable with the community.”


For all his hard work and expertise, Bartikoski has received the Certified Community Expert Designation for Wayzata. This designation is exclusive to realtors who meet the following requirements:


– Strong sales performance in the community


– Charitable involvement


– Superior knowledge of the area


From the large selection of homes for sale to the great location, Wayzata is a good choice for anybody in the market. With the help of an experienced realtor, finding and buying the right property can be a simple process.

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