Stage Your Wayzata Home To Sell Fast

In Real Estate on August 22, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Stage Your Wayzata Home To Sell Fast

Staging your home is important in today’s real estate market. A well staged home will sell faster and closer to asking price. You need to be able to separate your home from the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and sometimes all it takes is making your home look the best it possibly can. This means super cleaning, depersonalizing and staging the home to sell.


Stage Your Wayzata Home To Sell Fast


Turn Messy Unused Spaces Into Productive Rooms

If you have a formal and informal living room, turn one into a dining room. Take a storage room in the basement and turn it into a craft room. Anything you can do to make sure that every room in your home serves a purpose will help.

De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Cluttered kitchens feel much smaller than they really are and nobody wants a tine kitchen. Make sure nothing is left out on the counters, even if it is organized. Make the counter tops feel as large as possible. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, remove you eat in table to open up the kitchen. Finally clean everywhere imaginable.

Have Nothing In View In The Bathroom

Bathrooms with toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, hair dryers and more out in plain view are not warm and inviting. They make buyers feel like they are invading on someone elses space. By putting everything out of sight you are making sure you buyers can picture themselves living in the space and making them feel more welcome.

With these three tips, a good cleaning and maybe a little fix here and there, your Orono home will be ready to sell fast and for the most money possible.

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