Love and Paintball; A Film called Walk Ons is in the Makings

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Love and Paintball; A Film called Walk Ons is in the Makings

When we think about Paintball thoughts of revenge and pain arise in our mind. We plot out our attacks and who we need to take down with paintballs. Wearing helmets and chest gear to make sure we don’t get bruises all over our body is one of many concerns you have when you have others aiming their guns at you. Love really doesn’t cross your thoughts in these moments of self-defense. It is all in fun, but romance is usually left out of this thrilling activity. On the contrary, a Wayzata High School graduate, Ryan Stockstad is making this happen.



His upcoming romantic comedy, called Walk-Ons, is exactly those two things combined: Love and Paintball. A walk-on is a person in the game who is neither part of a team or private party. According to the film’s Kickstarter page: “A high school student nearing graduation decides to enter a paintball tournament to prove himself to the school jock and win the heart of the most popular girl in school, but his fixation may distance himself from his two best friends.”



This Wayzata native, Stockstad, is determined to make this plot work. It definitely is something different to bring to the table of filmmakers. Right now he is trying to raise about $5,000 to make the movie. The Kickstarter Campaign ends January 10, 2014. So, left with some goals in mind, Stockstad thinks it will be a huge hit in today’s film industry.


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