How To Hire A Wayzata Contractor

In Real Estate on August 30, 2013 by Community Expert Team
How To Hire A Wayzata Contractor

Contractors are fantastic, they do all of the hard work, run a tough business and do it with a smile. Most contractors are great people who run great businesses. But not every contractor is perfect for your job. Finding the right contractor for the right project can be tricky. You also have to look out for the occasional un-trustworthy contractor who will happily take your money and not finish the project or who doesn’t complete your project the way they said they would. Here are a few tips to help you avoid the bad contractors and find the right one for your project.


How To Hire A Wayzata Contractor


Ask To See Their License, Insurance and Reference List Right Away

When you first call up a contractor ask them to bring their license, insurance and a recent list of references to your first meeting. If they cannot provide one of these, there is no need to talk further. A couple of notes: some trades do not require licensing, such as painting, and make sure a reference list is recent and long. Short old lists are easy to manipulate.

Ask To Visit A Current Project

It doesn’t matter if their current project is the same as your project or not. What you are looking for is how they respect the home and homeowner of the project. A good contractor will keep the site clean and not interfere with his clients daily life. They will not destroy the lawn (unless necessary) and will not have the house a dusty mess. This is also a good time to meet any of their employees and make sure you would be comfortable with them in your home.

Make Sure All Expectations Are 100% Clear and In Writing

One of the biggest problems between contractors and homeowners is undefined expectations. This is to protect both parties. If your expectations are unrealistic, a contractor deserves to know that up front. Some homeowner have such high expectations that they will not allow for any human mistakes. Also some contractors have pretty low standards. Define these standards and expectations in as much writing as necessary and don’t be shy.

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