Fresh Coat of Paint Can Freshen Up Any Room

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Fresh Coat of Paint Can Freshen Up Any Room

Homeowners can give certain parts of their home a quick facelift without calling a handy-man. Painting over appliances, floors and even some types of carpet is an inexpensive way to freshen up the space without putting hours of labor into your home.


According to a House Logic article, painting has certain rules of thumb:


  • Prime before painting. Primer will allow the paint to adhere better.
  • Most hard surfaces will take primer better if they’re roughed up a little with fine-grade sandpaper.
  • When using spray paint, multiple, thin layers are better than one, thick coat. Ease up on your trigger finger, and spray in short bursts.
  • Wait for the previous coat of paint or primer to dry completely before adding another coat.


Some examples of things you can paint around the home to spruce it up, or to help with selling, are painting over a brick fireplace. It can change the room completely, but in a great way. Remember, once it is painted you can’t go back to the original state – so pick a color that compliments the room. Apply the paint with a sponge after sanding down the rougher parts.


Another popular way to get your floors looking brand new is painting over your ceramic or plastic tiles. Choose a neutral color that will not take over the entire look of the room. According to the article, try to avoid painting in high-traffic areas and high moisture spots.


Cover stains and revive your old carpet with upholstery paint. You can save hundreds of dollars, and as a homeowner every dollar counts, by using spray paint especially for short pile carpeted rooms. Don’t try to paint over thick, long-pile carpeting it will just become hard.


These are just some of the things around your home that can be painted over. Appliances are just as easy to rejuvenate with a fresh coats. For more details and tips, visit


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