Fool-Proof Home Maintenance to Keep Your Home’s Value

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Fool-Proof Home Maintenance to Keep Your Home’s Value

Keep your home in tip-top shape to avoid declines in appraised value. An out-of-shape house performs older than its years and could cause a loss of 10% of its value, according to a House Logic article. That’s a $15,000-$20,000 adjustment for the average home. Just make sure you are spending some time on maintenance to avoid large problems down the road.


A study out of the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University finds that regular maintenance increases the value of a home by about 1% each year. So, adding value to a home that you are already living in is a great way to set yourself up for a future sale.


Not everyone thinks they have extra time to spend on maintaining their home on a daily basis, but here are some suggestions to keep it simple:


Moisture is a home’s #1 enemy. Water can seep into the walls, roof and floors slowly, harming the structure of the house. Make sure your gutters aren’t leaking and thus prevent water from getting into the foundation.


Another easy measure to take is to do an inspection after it rains. While it rains, pay attention to the gutters and leaks, if you find any problems get them fixed right away. Most importantly, do a thorough investigation after a heavy rain fall. Has water come inside? Is water flowing away from your home like it should, or pooling in a low spot?


Check and test water-related appliances a few times a year. Set specific dates to check your washer, refrigerator, water heater, and other possible leaking machines in your home, then address issues and repairs immediately – don’t wait until the last minute!


According to the House Logic article, ongoing small leaks can slowly erode pipes and fixtures, and even cause mold and mildew issues you won’t readily notice. Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your home, or it will age more quickly that it should.


This local update courtesy of your Washington Township Community Expert.
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