Eastwood Middle School Students Take First Place at Academic Pursuit

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Eastwood Middle School Students Take First Place at Academic Pursuit

Academic Pursuit is a competitive academic game that consists of two teams of at least five players each. It is a mixture of trivia and “The Brain Game”. With questions ranging from science to current events to even math, students are asked a wide range of categories to test their knowledge. The first team to buzz in with the correct answer earns a point. Washington Township‘s Eastwood 7th grade team took first place.


They took the championship match out of a total 21 teams in the Marion County Academic Pursuit Tourney. As a team, they tallied an eight point deficit in the final quarter making it nearly impossible for anyone else to take the lead. The teachers led their team of 15 to victory as they combined their knowledge to answer some tough questions.


Teammates include: Sydney Brinkley, Bronwyn Doebbeling, Samantha Downtown, Terome Fordham, Evan Foulks, David Geeganage, Grace Geeganage, Zac Hsu, Lucas Johnson, Gabe Leffler, Hannah Plunkett, Mitchell Remington, Alek Shabhaz, Collin Stonebraker and Joe Tankersly. These smart young students known as the Eastwood 7th Grade Academic Pursuit Team made the Washington Township schools proud of their excellent achievement.


Congratulate the Eagles on their victory. Finishing first place out of 21 other schools in the county is very impressive, and considering Washington Township is known for their award winning academic programs – not too surprising. Go Eagles!


This local update courtesy of your Washington Township Community Expert.
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