Waconia Boy’s Make-A-Wish Request for New Playground Equipment Granted

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Waconia Boy’s Make-A-Wish Request for New Playground Equipment Granted

A 7-year-old Waconia resident recently had his Make-A-Wish request granted.

According to the Sun Patriot, Quinn Larsen and his family had a simple request—to add antistatic slides to the local playgrounds.

You see, after suffering a fall from a two-story window at the age of 5, and then a meningitis and hydrocephalus diagnosis, Quinn was left with hearing, vision and cognitive impairments. And the cochlear implant he wears can be doesn’t mix well with the static shock that many plastic slides give off.

“The static shock that comes from using most playground slides would break the implant and require expensive, invasive surgery to replace it,” the newspaper said.

Of course, Quinn loves to slide. So his family had been in talks with Make-A-Wish since last fall. In late March, Quinn and his family presented the city with a $5,000 check to make the playground updates, the article said.

“He loves playgrounds and loves slides,” Amy Larsen told the newspaper. “We thought it would be awesome to have a park in town with antistatic slides and tubes for kids to crawl through. We know there are other kids who would benefit from this, too.”

Read the full story here.

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