Waconia: A Town With ‘Roots Planted Deep’

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Waconia: A Town With ‘Roots Planted Deep’

Located approximately 30 miles west of Minneapolis, Waconia is a growing community of more than 11,000 people.

The town’s roots date back to the mid-1800s, and Ludwig Sutheimer and Michael Scheidnagel are claimed to have been the first permanent settlers, according to the city’s website:

The first inhabitants of the Waconia area came from New Orleans, up the Mississippi River, over to Carver’s Landing at Carver, Minnesota.  From there, they followed Carver’s Creek to Burandt’s lake, and found their way through heavily wooded area to what is now Waconia.

The town boasts the motto: “Out of Water … Comes Life,” and its location next to beautiful Lake Waconia helps drive that message home. The second largest lake in the seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area, Lake Waconia is a 3,200 acre freshwater paradise that provides year-round recreational activities and lots of good fishing.

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The city also boasts more than 7,500 jobs and also provides lots of incentives for new businesses and business expansion into the city. Waconia is also home to a strong school district and excellent medical care facilities.

For more information on the city, visit the city’s website or Destination Waconia, which is run by the Waconia Chamber of Commerce.

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