Staging Your Waconia Home

In Real Estate on August 22, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Staging Your Waconia Home

Staging your home is one of the easiest and most important things you can do when selling your home. Good staging will not only help your home sell faster, but it will help your home sell closer to asking price as well.


Staging is more than just cleaning and organizing your furniture though. You need to de-personalize your home, make sure it is clean and then take complete advantage of every space in your home to make it look as inviting and appealing as possible. Here are a few tips to help you stage your Waconia home.


Staging Your Waconia Home


Make Your Front Door Look Amazing

Your front door is the first thing that buyers see when they are walking up to your home. This door needs to look perfect. Inviting and beautiful should describe your front door. If you have old Christmas lights, peeling or faded paint or old dull stain, these need to be taken care of immediately.

De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Cluttered kitchens are a huge no no. Your counter tops need to be clear from small appliances, food and anything else you may keep on your counter tops. You want your kitchen to appear as large as possible, as nobody likes a small kitchen. Also think about moving out any tables in your kitchen if you currently have them. They can work, but not always.

Turn Your Guest Bedroom Into A Kids Rooms

Kids rooms are in more demand than guest rooms and although you may be thinking that anyone should be able to see that you can use the room for either. Reality is that people need to see visuals. So don’t count on their imagination, make them see it. If they see two kids rooms instead of one and a guest room, then they think that your home may work for their family.

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