How To Properly Make A Lowball Home Offer

In Real Estate on September 29, 2013 by Community Expert Team
How To Properly Make A Lowball Home Offer

Making a lowball offer is an art form. You don’t want to offend the seller and ruin your chances right off the bat, but you do want to land yourself a great real estate deal.


In today’s market, landing an incredible deal is becoming harder, but not impossible. Homes are selling faster and for more money, but there are still opportunities for the right buyers to get the right home at a price that fits their budget. Here are a few tips to help you get your offer accepted.


Make Sure To Have An Agent That Knows How To Present An Offer

If your real estate agent simply faxes over offers and waits for his phone to ring, you odds of landing a great deal are not good. If you are offering less than asking price, it is a good idea for your agent to talk with the sellers (or sellers agent) and let them know why you are offering what you are and to be able to do this with the most respect possible is always good.

Know The Sellers Situation

Certain sellers may be in situations where they value a fast sale over full price or be getting nervous about not being able to sell their home. If the seller is going through a divorce, moving or in a short sale situation you may be able to use this to you advantage. Also, if the home has been on the market for a long time, the sellers may be ready to get rid of the home and be done with the sales process.

Tug At The Sellers Heart

Ok, this is a bit cheesy, but can actually work. Write the seller a personal note to go along with your offer. You can explain why you are offering what you are, you current situation, why you love their home and your plans for their home. This can often times help soften sellers and get them to accept a bit less on their home.

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