7 Ways You Can Keep Your Pond Looking Beautiful

In Blog on August 8, 2013 by Community Expert Team
7 Ways You Can Keep Your Pond Looking Beautiful

Backyard ponds are beautiful and calming. They add a sense of peace to yards and neighborhoods alike. When maintained well they can be a fantastic additional to any yard or community year round.


But algae is plotting against your pond and your enjoyment of it. Algae is a green microscopic plantĀ  that that can explode in ponds during hot Summer months and when phosphorus levels get too high in the water. Algae can also make ponds smell. When algae levels get too high, dead algae floats to the top of the water and begins to decay, thus causing a nasty smell to take over the pond.


Here are 7 ways you can keep your pond looking beautiful and smell free all Summer.


1) Keep Phosphorus Levels Low

Use phosphorus free road salts, fertilizers and household chemicals. This will have the biggest impact on your pond.


2) Adjust Your Yard Grade or Surrounding Ground To Keep Runoff Out Of The Pond

Runoff is the biggest culprit of allowing phosphorus into ponds and lakes. If runoff cannot get into the pond, phosphorus levels will stay lower.


3) Install a Bubble Aerator or Fountain

Algae blooms when water is standing still. If you have an aerator or fountain this will keep water moving in the pond and keep algae levels down significantly.


4) Use Water Plants To Keep Sunlight Off Of The Water

Lilies and similar plants will block the sunlight from entering the water, which is needed for algae to grow.


5) Introduce Pond Snails to Your Pond

Pond snails feed on algae, so they are a great deterrent to keep algae levels down.


6) Add Tadpoles To Your Pond

Tadpoles provide multiple benefits. They not only eat algae but they eat mosquitoes as well.


7) Add Barley Stray To Your Pond

When barley straw decomposes it adds hydrogen peroxide to the water which kills algae.

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