12 Easy Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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12 Easy Projects to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Fall has officially arrived in Minnesota—and that means that the cold winter season isn’t too far behind. Get set for winter by buttoning up cracks, cleaning up your yard and making sure safety hazards are taken care of.

Below you’ll find a fantastic checklist with tips from HouseLogicBob Vila, and Better Homes and Gardens to help you get your home ready.

  1. Check your gutters and clean out any debris that will restrict water flow.
  2. Check your roof for any damage and make repairs if needed.
  3. Seal up cracks around windows and doors to keep heat in (and little critters out).
  4. Change your furnace filter.
  5. And get your furnace an annual inspection.
  6. Check out your fireplace and chimney for any damage or blockages.
  7. Clean dryer vents.
  8. Prune plants, rake leaves and store your mower.
  9. Drain and turn off sprinkler system so water doesn’t freeze inside and cause issues.
  10. Store hoses and turn off all outdoor water sources.
  11. Check walkways and the driveway for any damage (this could be a safety hazard when ice forms).
  12. Inspect smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. to make sure they’re working properly.

This may seem like a lofty list, but once it’s all done you’ll be able to ride out the winter in comfort.

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