Minor Kitchen Upgrades Can Increase Home Value Significantly

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Minor Kitchen Upgrades Can Increase Home Value Significantly

It is important to stay up on trends, while also keeping a timeless look that will last until resale. Kitchens are vital for a homebuyer’s decision making, in fact it is usually the space in the home that can make or break the final decision, so there are some things to do that are going to pay off.


Keep the kitchen simple. The designs should be clean, contemporary, and horizontal (open shelves, long and horizontal pulls, thick countertops). A trend that never fades is a tidy, fresh appearance that will have a broad appeal if selling a home is in the future.


Choose colors wisely. Avoid black and white kitchen designs, since they can show every scratch and dirty spots easily. By having dark wood such as mahogany or zebra, it can make an island look like a piece of furniture, while making the rest of the space look timeless.


Another rule of thumb when it comes to kitchen layouts are the appliances. The more open our kitchens get, the more we want them to look like the rest of the house, according to a House Logic article. Try to stay away from the big pro range and stainless steel refrigerator and start considering concealed, high-performance replacements. Also, induction cooktops use less electricity and are in growing demand.


When homebuyers are looking at a home, the first place they tend to judge is the condition of the area where they plan on spending most of their time.


This local update courtesy of your Phoenix Northeast Community Expert.
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