Coastal Cities are Declining – It’s The Sunbelt Cities That are Starting to Grow

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Coastal Cities are Declining – It’s The Sunbelt Cities That are Starting to Grow

Forget What the Pundits Tell You, Coastal Cities are Old News – it’s the Sunbelt that’s Booming”, from, reports that while traditional big cities are struggling, the Sunbelt cities like Houston and Phoenix are booming. If trends continue, the Sunbelt will keep growing as the coasts decline.


After a brief hiatus, people seem to, once again, be streaming towards the expanse of warm-weather states – extending from the southeastern seaboard to Phoenix. Since 2010, according to an American Community Survey by demographer Wendell Cox, over one million people have moved to the Sunbelt mostly from the Northeast and Midwest. Any guesses for the states that have gained the most domestic migrants since 2010? The Sunbelt dominates the top three: Texas, Florida and Arizona.


Perhaps the biggest sign of a Sunbelt turnaround is the resurgence of Phoenix, a region devastated by the housing bust and widely regarded by contemporary urbanists as the “least sustainable” of American cities. The recovery of Phoenix, appropriately named the Valley of the Sun, is strong evidence that even the most impacted Sunbelt regions are on the way back. The key forces driving people to the Sunbelt are largely economic—notably job creation, lower housing prices and lower costs relative to incomes.

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