New in Parker: The Vehicle Vault

New in Parker: The Vehicle Vault

A little joke from Daniel Dilley’s father-in-law has turned into a new treasure for classic car lovers in Parker.


According to the Denver Post, the Vehicle Vault opened its doors Oct. 25 as a museum and luxury car storage facility.


“Daniel Dilley’s father-in-law joked that he and his wife, Erin Dilley, should open a museum to host their collection of 50 classic and rare cars,” the newspaper article began. “Daniel Dilley took the idea seriously.”


Daniel and Erin Dilley are hoping that the Vehicle Vault becomes a regional attraction.


“I want it to become a gathering place for the people of Parker and Colorado,” Erin Dilley said. “We want to share the passion and love for cars and history of cars with the public. We want to foster that automotive knowledge and appreciation with future generations.”


The museum portion of the Vault is open, and the storage portion is set to open next year as a “country club for car lovers.”


Read the full story here.


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