How To Get The Most On Your Parker Home Improvements

How To Get The Most On Your Parker Home Improvements

Home improvements can be tricky when getting ready to sell your home. You want to invest in improvements that will help your home sell faster and for more money while avoiding improvements that will not see a good return on your investment. Unless you truly know the market, this can be an a complete guessing game and cause lots of stress.


This is where a Parker Realtor can assist you. A good Parker Realtor will know the market, what improvements pay off and which ones don’t. They should also have good contacts for just about any work that you need done.


How To Get The Most On Your Parker Home Improvements


Remodel, Don’t Add On

Additions are horribly expensive and really almost never pay off. They have really gone the way of the SUV as buyers have decided that efficiency is better than having large amounts of space. Take a look at your existing rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements and determine how they could be improved, and improved cheaply. Maybe knocking out a wall between your kitchen and dining room would open the two rooms up and make them feel more open and spacious without actually adding more space.

Green Updates Can Pay Off Now And When Selling

If it is time for you to upgrade your furnace, dish washer, washing machine or add in new insulation, think about spending a little extra on energy efficient versions. These can save you money now, before you move and make your home more attractive when selling. These are usually best done only when current appliances need replacing.

Technology Infostructure Over Expensive Electronics

Installing a new $10,000 home entertainment center might be awesome now, but in a couple of years, that investment will no longer pay off. If you are thinking about your return, think about adding technology infostructure to your home. Having rooms wired for speakers or automated home controls could have a much better return on your investment.