“Body Keepers”: Colorado Horror Flick Starring Parker Teens

“Body Keepers”: Colorado Horror Flick Starring Parker Teens

“Body Keepers” is a new independent film being made right here in the Denver area, and Parker teens will be in the cast. Actress and film producer Ronda Belser is on a mission to shoot a movie in Colorado with a cast that is from the surrounding communities, instead of finding out-of-state actors like most.



Two ambitious teenagers, Kristi Hoopes and Karlie McLaren are excited to be a part of a localized horror flick. Belser moved back to Denver after living in Los Angeles, 10 years ago. It has been “discouraging” to see major studios bypass, if not dismiss, local talent, she said in a recent Parker Chronicle article.



The film is not only using local actors, but writers, directors and producers are from Colorado. It is being shot in Denver, Lyons and nearby Nederland.



After auditioning at the Philip S. Miller Library, in Castle Rock, McLaren and Hoopes made the top 25 picks. Online voters get a chance to choose who will star in the film, while the remaining actors/actresses are still getting small roles.



Belser decided to quit her Fortune 500 job to dedicate her time and talents to the “Body Keepers”, so that investors felt that she was serious about film-making again. In addition, Shelly Cole, who had a recurring role on “Gilmore Gilrs”, plans on helping with the teen actors.



“However you get your foot in the door, it doesn’t matter what door it is,” said Hoope, 16, in the recent article.



Belser was inspired by Boulder-based Hitching Post Theater, which requires writers to quickly create a script based on headshots of two main characters. This one day activity, got the movie-making juices flowing in her head and hence the idea of the horror movie.



The budget is set at $100,000 for “Body Keepers”, so Belser studies such films as “The Blair Witch Project” and “Paranormal Activity”.



Look for the film in mid-October, just in time for Halloween, and a chance to see familiar faces and places around the area. Visit www.myteenmovie.com for more information on the “Body Keepers” and the true story behind it.



This local update courtesy of your Parker Community Expert.
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