6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space

Don’t we all wish we had a bigger kitchen? Custom cabinet maker Christian Brothers Cabinets says that a kitchen’s layout and architectural design – especially in older homes – doesn’t always make the most sense, so you have to get creative. And since you probably can’t knock out that load-bearing wall to give you more space, here are a few ways to make the most of the space that you do have.


1. Make the most of your cabinets


If the few front inches of your cupboards are clear, utilize the space on the inside of the door to maximize space.


You can easily make a rack for cutting boards by adding a bar on the bottom and one across the middle to hold them. You can also store lids for pots and pans. Today’s Homeowner has a how-to video here.


Even if you have a few inches of space in between your cupboards and appliances, don’t let it go to waste. You can build a spice rack cabinet that can not only fit into the smallest of spaces, but it also keeps everything well-organized.


2. Light-colored paint and a mirrored backsplash


Paint your cabinets light colors and use glass for the doors to make your kitchen feel more bright and open, and add a mirrored backsplash to make it expand the room a bit.

3. Get rid of any chair arms and space beneath islands


When it comes to your kitchen table, stay away from chairs with arms. These take up more visual space and actual space.


If you have enough space to build an island in the middle of your kitchen, go for it! One trick to creating more space is to build an island that has enough room beneath to store bar stools.


4. Good lighting


It sounds simple, but brightening up your space gives it a little more cheer and highlights all the small spaces you can utilize. In addition to overhead lighting, you can install fluorescent or LED lights underneath cabinets and even inside them. It can also set a more intimate mood and save on electric bills when overhead lights are turned off.


Also, try to let in as much natural light as possible.


5. Hang your pots and cups


Free up cabinet space by installing a ceiling-mounted rack for your pots and pans to hang over your island or table. Home improvement guru Bob Vila has five ideas on his website for using materials you may already have on hand to create one of these mounts.


You can also get a small, mountable hanging rack for hanging coffee mugs or tea cups. You won’t believe how much space you can free up by doing this.


6. Use all your wall space


Have you ever thought of using hanging baskets to add a little storage to your kitchen? Baskets used for bikes or for fishing tackle already have hooks on them, and this is an affordable and nice looking option to amp up your space a bit. You can store vegetables or fruits that don’t require refrigeration, or you can store dried goods in them.

You can use baskets you already have or find some at boutique shops or garage sales. Once you have your baskets, find a sturdy peg board that fits into the wall space. You can even paint it to match your kitchen. Click on this Martha’s Moments article to see how to pull this one off.


Good luck with your kitchen organization project!


This local update courtesy of your Parker Community Expert.

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