Little Dog Survives After Coyote Attack

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Little Dog Survives After Coyote Attack

A small dog was rescued by its owner from a pack of coyotes. This fearless man acted on natural reaction, as a person would their own child. After the Paradise Valley incident, the neighborhood is on the lookout to make sure no one else’s pets get injured.


Little Sophie has been with them for just over two years, but she was part of their family instantly. Chris Bieganski took the stray in with love and was determined to save her life again. According to, she was scared for her baby, “I saw she was ready to run and yelled at her to wait and she ran over and then I saw something running across the back,” Chris recalls. He said a small coyote lured Sophie out of their yard and straight into a pack of five or six coyotes waiting in the dark. Chris said he ran after the dog but lost sight of her for a moment and that’s when “she started screaming and squealing.”


Chris continued to chase after Sophie since once of the larger coyotes had taken her down the street. He caught up to the dog and rescued his little girl. She is still traumatized from the incident, and now other neighbors are fearful. The dog was badly hurt, but is now recovering at her Paradise Valley home. They’re just hoping that more people look after their pets in the future.


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