Keep Your Home Young With a Home Maintenance Strategy

In Blog, Real Estate on May 19, 2016 by Community Expert Team
Keep Your Home Young With a Home Maintenance Strategy

Keeping up on your home’s maintenance not only makes for a nice environment for you and your family to live—but it also helps retain and increase the value of your home.

In fact, an out-of-shape home is older than its years and could lose 10 percent of its appraised value, according to HouseLogic. On the other hand, good maintenance could actually add value.

To keep up on maintenance, HouseLogic recommends focusing on your home’s No. 1 enemy: moisture.

“Water can destroy the integrity of your foundation, roof, walls, and floors — your home’s entire structure,” HouseLogic. “So a leaky gutter isn’t just annoying; it’s compromising your foundation.”

To get yourself to keep up on that maintenance give yourself an incentive—like a room-per-year redo, the publication said. In addition, keep a maintenance fund. This will give you the cash to take care of things when they come up and not put them off.

Get HouseLogic’s full maintenance strategy here.

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