Minnetonka Target at Ridgedale to Get Facelift

In Blog, Business on March 8, 2018 by Community Expert Team
Minnetonka Target at Ridgedale to Get Facelift

The Ridgedale Target store in Minnetonka is getting a multi-million dollar facelift as the company modernizes a slew of Twin Cities stores.

According to Twin Cities Business, Target will be spending $250 million to upgrade and modernize nearly 30 stores around the Twin Cities, including the Ridgedale location.

Renovations will include adding more self-checkout lanes and grocery displays to its stores, while also vamping up its beauty department and placing greater emphasis on online orders with a prominent in-store pickup counter, the report said.

In addition, new floors and LED lighting will be installed as part of the upgrades, while the color palette of walls and the surrounding environment will reportedly shift toward neutral.

Target has reportedly said the cost to upgrade its SuperTarget stores will be about $10 million each, while its smaller stores will cost half as much.

For the locations not currently under construction, remodeling will begin in the next few months and will take between three to five months to complete, the report said.

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