Lake Minnetonka-Area Ice Cream Shop a Local Favorite for 33 Years

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Lake Minnetonka-Area Ice Cream Shop a Local Favorite for 33 Years

For more than 33 years, Excelsior’s Licks Unlimited ice cream shop has been a Twin Cities summer draw, attracting customers from all over the metro area.

According to the Sun Sailor, the ice cream parlor, which is only open six months of the year and boasts over 40 flavors, first opened its doors at 31 Water St. in 1984. The former owner of Dock Cinema was the owner, but a few years later he was looking to sell, and after the first buyer backed out, Loren and Jan “Pug” Lessard, who were Minnetonka residents, bought the place.

Owning an ice cream shop was Pug’s dream, the article said. She had been working at a Dairy Queen for years, and came home one day and told Loren she wanted her own place.

“My wife got her ice cream store and I kept working and helped out in the store from time to time but she mainly ran the store,” Lessard said.

In 2005, Pug passed away, sadly. But Loren took over the store, and is now known as the “Ice-cream man of Excelsior.”

“It wasn’t my dream to own an ice cream store or my goal in life at all, but as I got more involved I’ve come to love it,” he told the newspaper. “At 75-years old I should be retired, but I don’t want to because it’s so much fun!”

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