Heavy Table: Don’t Overlook Minnetonka’s Glen Lake Cafe

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Heavy Table: Don’t Overlook Minnetonka’s Glen Lake Cafe

Anyone driving by Minnetonka’s Glen Lake Cafe on Excelsior Boulevard may not give it a second look or thought. But, according to Heavy Table, that would be a huge mistake.

The foodies publication hails Glen Lake Cafe as “a charming, friendly alternative to typical strip mall fare that would be welcome in any neighborhood.”

The neighborhood cafe boasts a variety of delicacies throughout its daytime, dinner and brunch menus, including a mango curry chicken sandwich, beet salad, steak frites plate and even guacamole.

Heavy Table recommends anything fish, no matter how small or big your appetite is:

“The Thai fish cakes ($10) offer bites of tender, flaky fish under a crispy crust, and the chile sauce lends a sweet note that’s prevented from becoming too sweet from the addition of green curry.”

The Heavy Table article also throws praise towards the featured salads:

“The abundant salads will appeal to anyone who loves to — or feels he should — eat more greens.”

The Glen Lake Cafe is located at 14725 Excelsior Blvd. For more information on the restaurant, go to glenlake-cafe.com.

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