Minnetonka Rotary Won’t Stop Until Polio is No Longer a Threat

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Minnetonka Rotary Won’t Stop Until Polio is No Longer a Threat

The Minnetonka Rotary Club has been raising money for “PolioPlus” since 1985 and is determined to help eradicate the paralyzing disease worldwide. They started a smaller program for the Rotary International called “Pennies for Polio“, which is geared more towards local community efforts.



During their weekly meetings, the Minnetonka Rotary starts by passing around a jug. The members dig deep into their pockets to come up with whatever loose change they have to contribute that day. It sure does add up! Last year they gave over $1,200 in just pocket change! In the bigger scheme of things, their parent, Rotary International, has raised $1.2 billion since 1988.



Pennies for Polio will continue until they reach their goal of ending the polio threat all together. The Minnetonka Rotary members are just doing their part in educating people about the disease in other countries. They meet every Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. in the Eisenhower Community Center, located at 1001 Highway 7. For more information about the service organization go to: www.minnetonkarotary.org.


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