New Education Bill Passed to Extend Full Day Kindergarten

In Blog, Community News, Events on December 13, 2013 by Community Expert Team
New Education Bill Passed to Extend Full Day Kindergarten

A new education bill was passed for the Minnetonka School Board. There will be free, all-day kindergarten, starting in 2014. The half-day program had the option of extending into a full day, with additional costs. $4,100 for a year, if you wanted your child in school all day, plus a $100 registration fee. When you have your child in public schools, you don’t want to dish out a lot of extra money – after all it isn’t daycare.



The new program will still have morning pick up and drop offs, but after school students need to find their own transportation. In addition, the ready-start kindergarten classes will have the option of a full-day program. This new bill is a step in the right direction for education in the Minnetonka area. Molding young minds is important, and that extra half-day will provide more jobs and opportunities to learn.



Parents of the children seem thrilled to save the extra money each year. Education in Minnetonka will be taking the first step. More Minnesota schools will soon follow in their footsteps of making sure students are getting the education they deserve, without shoveling out the extra dollars.

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