Is your Minnetonka Home Winter Ready? 5 Simple Steps to Stay Warm and Save Money!

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Is your Minnetonka Home Winter Ready? 5 Simple Steps to Stay Warm and Save Money!

Yes, it’s that time a year again! The windows of your car are freezing up and you have to turn off the air conditioner. Brace yourself, because we all know that winter is coming. Minnesota has proven to have the most random season changes and your home needs to be ready for all of them. It’s cold outside, so here’s what you should start doing to get your Minnetonka home ready:




  1. Clean the Gutters

Many remember to get out the rake, or leaf blower, but ignore the gutters. Once the snow starts falling you’ll be regretful. Remove all the debris from the gutters pre-winter, by hand or a small shovel. You want to make sure that all the melted snow can drain come spring. You don’t want to be dealing with an even bigger problem after the winter months.




2.  Spend a little cash on insulation

Trust me – it will be worth the few extra dollars you will spend just to insulate the attic. It will save you money in the long run. Heating bills can get very expensive this time of year, and a good way to save money is to make sure there are no cracks letting the air out.




3.  Take out the window screens

Put in your storm windows. The protection will keep the heat in and keep your windows nice for the rough winter wind. Storm windows have that extra pane of glass to help with the cold, in addition to saving you money on your heating bill!




4.  Simply reverse the fan!

This is an easy technique for everyone to stay warm. By reversing the ceiling fan, you will push the warm air down and the cool air up! It will keep everyone more comfortable when the wind-chill is below zero.




5.  Lastly, check all alarms

You don’t want to deal with fixing annoying things in the middle of a blizzard. Get all your alarms checked including: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and fire alarms. The detectors should be replaced every 10 years. Simply test the alarms by pushing “test” and you’re done!



So be prepared this winter for any situation. Whether it be just a few inches, or five feet of snow you will never know what you might get in Minnesota. Being ready in Minnetonka is something we can achieve easily, and these steps will get you started down the right path!

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