Getting Your Minnetonka Home Ready To Sell By Staging

In Real Estate on August 22, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Getting Your Minnetonka Home Ready To Sell By Staging

Staging is a very important part of selling your home. You need to make sure that your home is inviting to buyers by making it as clean as possible, move in ready and as welcoming to them as you can. This last piece is done through staging your home.


Staging is the process of arranging your home so that it is the most pleasing to potential buyers. This means putting away personal photos, removing un-necessary furniture or even bringing in more inviting furniture. Anything you do to help stage better will help your home sell faster and for more money.


Getting Your Minnetonka Home Ready To Sell By Staging


Turn A Guest Bedroom Into A Kids Room

If you have only one child or no children at all, it can still be a good idea to stage your extra guest bedroom as a child’s room. Many people looking at your home will have children and seeing it set up for children will help them to envision their children sleeping in that room. Children’s bedrooms are much better at selling a home than a guest bedroom.

Turn A Messy Master Into a True Master Bedroom

A master bedroom needs to feel like a getaway from the rest of the home. A calm and peaceful place where a couple can retreat to at the end of their busy day. You cannot have a mess or things out of place at all in your master bedroom. Make sure the colors are calm and so is the decor.

Turn An Unused Basement Room Into A Home Gym

Whether people will ever use it or not does not matter, everyone wants to be in better shape. A home gym will help them dream about living in your home and getting into the best shape of their life. This is much more attractive than a storage room or unused space.

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