Top Minnetonka Realtors Focus on Selling Community as well as Homes

In Blog on August 5, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Top Minnetonka Realtors Focus on Selling Community as well as Homes

It is one thing to say you are going to purchase a home in Minnetonka. It is another thing entirely to understand what the area has to offer, down to every last detail.


Top Minnetonka realtors, such as Joe and Cindy Welu, are well aware of what the local area has to offer. And this includes much more than the many types of homes for sale.


When you begin to consider your options, in terms of the areas in which you can live, there are many details to focus on. This is why you don’t want to jump the gun, choosing an area that may not match your every want and need.


The best realtors in Minnetonka are able to show clients homes in the area, while also explaining more about what the community has to offer.


For example, Minnetonka Music in the Park is something that residents look forward to every summer. This is just one example of what makes the area so special.


Joe Welu, one of the top realtors in the region for many years, added the following:


“We like to show people homes in Minnetonka, while also explaining that the community itself adds a lot of value. There is no denying the importance of buying the right home, but in the real estate game location is everything. This is why a growing number of people are beginning to move to the area, as well as many others that offer similar amenities.”


The thrill of buying a home can be magnified if you are able to find a property in the right community. With so much to offer, from great schools to plenty of outdoor activities, Minnetonka is definitely one to consider.


Just ask anybody who lives in Minnetonka. They will tell you how great the community really is.

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