Vampire 5k FUN RUN in Littleton!

Vampire 5k FUN RUN in Littleton!

Vampire 5k FUN RUN in Littleton!

Event: Vampire 5k
When: Friday, April 26th
Where: Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield
Time: 7:30pm

The hunt begins when the sun sets and you never know who you are surrounded by.

It could be your neighbor, your coworker, even your best friend at school. Vampires have seamlessly melted into modern day society and have lived side by side regular citizens for hundreds of years now. But all that changes on 4.26.13!

This is the night primal instincts go unchecked.  Blood thirsty vampires will give chase to transform citizens to increase their numbers and strength, while citizens will run to protect their mortality.

Citizens in all white start in one location, Vampires in black in another. The paths converge at an unknown location and then the hunt is on! Vampire will try to “convert” citizens by pulling both white flags they will be carrying. Expect to run through fog, red powder zones and other mystery stations along the way. Celebrate eternity in our Red Dusk after party where there will be music, Bloody Mary’s, red beer, awards and more fun!
Vampire 5k is an one-of-a-kind event that pits Citizens versus Vampires in a race for survival.


Here’s how it works:

  1.  Sign up as a either a Vampire or Citizen.
  2. Vampires dressed in all black and Citizens in white start the run in totally different areas, converging at an undisclosed distance.  Run starts at dusk and ends under THE FULL MOON!
  3. The hunt is on. Vampires try to convert Citizens by pulling their garlic flags—all while going through fog and “red powder zones” Citizens try to escape with their mortality intact.
  4. Gotta celebrate at the after party.

Join them on April 26th and get ready to confirm what we have known all along, running sucks!

Read more about the event and the after party on their FAQ’S PAGE.

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