Thrillist: Must-Try New Restaurant is Littleton’s Hot Dog Joint

Thrillist: Must-Try New Restaurant is Littleton’s Hot Dog Joint

If you love checking out all new restaurants that come to down, you’ll have to add Harley’s A Hot Dog Revolution on your list, according to the Thrillist.


The food, drink and entertainment site recently compiled its list of “14 New Denver Restaurants You Need to Check Out Immediately,” and Harley’s is on it. Here’s what Thrillist said about the hot dog joint:


“Supposedly, there are people who won’t put anything on a hot dog but mustard. They consider themselves purists. We consider them idiots. If an Italian sausage is good, an Italian sausage in a garlic bun topped with spaghetti and cheese-sprinkled marinara sauce is better; if an all-beef wiener is right, covering it in roast beef, pastrami, or brisket can’t be wrong. After paying his dues at a mall food court, Harley’s owner, Ed Ginsburg, is serving up these and other beasts in a brand-new, patio-flanked space of his own. Consider this the only scenario in which you’d ever utter the phrase, ‘You Littletonians sure are lucky to live here!’”


To learn more about Harley’s, go to


See the full list of must-try spots here.


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