Thinking about moving to Littleton, Colorado?

Thinking about moving to Littleton, Colorado?

If you are interested in buying a home in Littleton, Colorado? You should first learn more about the area.

Littleton has had a famous history from the 1859 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, which brought not only gold seekers, but merchants and farmers to the community and has been growing ever since. Littleton is located in close proximity to Denver which offers tons of options and unlimited outdoor activities – to plenty of shopping, entertainment and dining options, you will never be bored in this friendly community driven city that also host several annual events within the city. Littleton is also known for being the home to many local businesses as well as multiple headquarters.

Boulder Location

County: Arapahoe
Region: Denver-Aurora Metropolitan / South Suburb of Denver
Distance from Denver:  9 miles
U.S. Congressional District: CO-6

Littleton Public School District

Public Elementary Schools: 15
Public Middle Schools: 6
Public High Schools: 4
Public Charter Schools: 2

For more information related to the City of Littleton, visit the city’s official website here or give us a call!