Organization Acts as “Stepping Stone” for Disabled Adults

Organization Acts as “Stepping Stone” for Disabled Adults

Founder of Stepping Stone Support Center in Littleton, Bryn Galisewski said that she named the nonprofit after crossing Boulder Creek last year. Aimed at helping adults with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophy, and other disorders, the organization is gaining much recognition these days.



Galisewski studied occupational therapy in college, after she decided to start the group because she noticed that there was a dearth of opportunities for people with developmental disabilities after they turn 21, according to the Littleton Independent article. People are typically cut off from government services when they become adults and end up fending for themselves.



“I really just felt like there was a gap in the system for me to be able to help out with the transition process,” she said in the article. The group started last November at the Columbine Hills Church of the Nazarene. Participants were welcome to come five days a week whenever they felt the need to seek advice.



A typical week at Stepping Stone consists of spa activities such as salt scrubs, exercise classes on Tuesdays, coffee shop Thursdays, where they can have jobs as baristas or cashiers, and Fridays they gather together to help the church’s food bank by collecting and distributing food. This is not just your typical self help group, it’s meant to get individuals with developmental disorders the opportunity to learn about living.



“I want this to be a stable place for people to be able to come and help them transition,” she said in the article. With help from her friends and family, Galisewski has been able to make a difference in the community. Even one of her participants has gotten a job recently at a nearby movie theater. To find out more about the Stepping Stone Support Center visit



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