New Rest Area Will Provide Relief for Deer Creek Bicyclists

New Rest Area Will Provide Relief for Deer Creek Bicyclists

Relief is coming for bicyclists on the Deer Creek Canyon route in south Jeffco. Located right outside Littleton, locals frequent the trails that lead around the mountains. Being such a long route to travel, many complain about not having anywhere to use a bathroom or take a short break.



Bicycle advocacy group Bike Jeffco and other sponsors are looking into installing a small rest area with a trash can, along with a portable toilet, about halfway at Deer Creek Road and Deer Creek Canyon Road.



According to the Denver Post, the intersection – in an area commonly referred to as Philipsburg – is already a popular stopping point for cyclists, many of whom are in the middle of an approximate 13-mile ride to the top of Pleasant Park Grange.



The project will cost the county approximately $8,000 to $10,000, according to transportation and engineering director Kevin French in the recent article. It will be well worth the money spent, making Littleton bicyclists a little more comfortable when they go on their long rides. “We’re trying to provide a facility that improves the relationship with cyclists and landowners,” French said in the Denver Post.



There is also talk of sponsors that are willing to pay for weekly trash removal and toilet maintenance. Currently, Bike Jeffco is working with Jeffco Open Space to find the small piece of land that will host the new bathroom stop.



This local update courtesy of your Littleton Community Expert.
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