‘Mammos, Mocktails and More!’ Promotes Healthy Women

‘Mammos, Mocktails and More!’ Promotes Healthy Women

Wednesday, July 30 from 4 to 7 pm, join other women from the Littleton community at ‘Mammos, Mocktails, and More’. Located at The Breast Center at Littleton Adventist Hospital, 7700 S Broadway, get free mammograms, refreshing mocktails – nonalcoholic fun beverages – and other activities.



Held every last Wednesday of the month, the center wants to promote a healthy lifestyle that requires women to get examined for possible breast cancer signs. Most go a whole year without even getting checked, and at the age of 30+ there is more of a risk.



To make the event worthwhile they make sure to get people involved with some exciting activities. Not only are there delicious snacks and beverages to choose from, but they will have some interactive games that teach women how to be more aware of their bodies.



According to their website, ‘The Breast Center at Littleton Adventist is one of the chosen groups of breast centers in Colorado to have earned national accreditation from the American College of Surgeons. Our goal is to empower our patients through knowledge sharing and expert, compassionate care.’



For more information on mammograms and the monthly event visit their website at www.mylittletonhospital.org.



This local update courtesy of your Littleton Community Expert.
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