Average Realtor or Real Estate Aficionado?

Average Realtor or Real Estate Aficionado?

I am Josie Apodaca and I love real estate! I am a real estate aficionada! (Definition: a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject or pastime.) Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish, but I love that word.

I love looking at houses, buying houses, renting houses to stay in around the world, and helping my clients buy and sell houses. I especially love touring homes in other cities in beautiful locations, like ocean front homes, wine country villas and estate properties that have views of snow capped mountains. Homes that make you wish you would never have to leave and homes that make you stop and wonder, “What in the world were these people thinking?” LOL! I mean seriously, I have seen some strange, off the wall stuff.

I am a real estate aficionada located in Littleton, Colorado. I love the product of real estate – homes and the people that go with them. But, I had a big AHA moment a few days ago and what I really love about real estate is the marketing. Figuring out how to increase my real estate business. Figuring out ways to sell homes faster and for more money. Figuring out what buyers are searching for so they find me before another agent. Figuring out how to make my clients say “WOW! I have to work with her!”

I have so much experience and knowledge to share with my clients. I can’t do that as a ‘secret’ agent, can I? So I have to market, I have to promote and I have to get in front of people that are looking to buy or sale my favorite product – REAL ESTATE.

I was fortunate to have been able to buy my first home when I was 20 years old – that was in 1989 my friends. Since that time, I have personally owned 39 homes! Not your average Realtor. I have been blessed with the ability to exceed the average and excel at the top of my profession.

Marketing is the tool that allowed me to excel. Blogging is the ‘new tool’ in MY marketing arsenal. I have been online for years now and I never really understood what blogging is all about. Being the overachiever that I am…. I have spent hours studying blogging success and online marketers, tools and techniques. I have tested and targeted the online blogging market to know what works. I love learning new stuff; it’s so exciting! Remember me as your real estate aficionada in Littleton, Colorado and surrounding cities.