5 Things To Do In LIttleton Colorado

5 Things To Do In LIttleton Colorado

Sometimes we all have a case of being bored and not knowing what to do with ourselves. These are the times that just a little hint can help spark ideas in your brain and get you out for a fantastic day. So here are 5 Things To Do in Littleton Colorado that will get you active and out of the house.

5 Things To Do In Littleton Colorado



Join A Fitness and Rec Center

There are many fantastic fitness and rec centers in the Littleton area. This will get you active whether it is warm, cold, rainy or just too hot to be outside. Being a member might also save you on your health insurance.


Visit Roxborough State Park

Roxborough is a fantastic State Park that only allows hiking. This keeps the park in amazing shape and as un-touched as possible. Roxborough has over 3,000 acres and is known for it’s dramatic red sandstone. Definitely worth a day hiking trip by yourself or with your family.


Check Out The Littleton Museum

At the Littleton Museum you can see the history of Littletons agriculture, art, culture and more. This museum is often cited as one of the top 10 history museums in the United States. The buildings currently cover over 32,000 square feet of space. A neat feature of this museum is the outside farms and farm animals that you and your kids will enjoy.


Go Golfing

Littleton is known for it’s many golf courses. If you spend some time looking online you can often even find a great deal to get out on one of the local courses.


Visit Chatfield State Park

If you are more into biking or boating, then Chatfield State Park is the perfect park for you. At Chatfield you can fish, boat, ride horses, camp and even eat at the floating restaurant. This is great place where you can stay active all day long.