Job Seekers? Lakeville named Top Ten Places for Work

In Blog, Community News, Events, Real Estate on November 13, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Job Seekers? Lakeville named Top Ten Places for Work

Recently named one of the top ten places to work in Minnesota by Nerd Wallet, Lakeville brings more than just a great area to live! If you are looking for a job, or just trying to find something new, Lakeville offers a wide variety of careers.




In order to make their decision, Nerd Wallet tries to research the city to see how it is doing as a whole. Is the city growing? Can one afford to live here comfortably? In addition, they run numbers on the ratio of employed people versus unemployed, and are most people actually employed?




Making number six, the city boasts an average household income of $95,646, and an unemployment rate of only 4.4 percent. Lakeville is also home to large employers like ConAgra Foods, and  Minnesota School of Business. Nerd Wallet took into account 38 communities; Woodbury took first!

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