How To Make Your Lakeville Home More Energy Efficient

In Real Estate on August 21, 2013 by Community Expert Team
How To Make Your Lakeville Home More Energy Efficient

Today’s homeowners are all about efficiency, whether it is in their home spaces, their appliances or in their spending. Waste has become a thing to be avoided. Being efficient usually means that you are also helping preserve the environment we live in. What is even better is that it being energy efficient usually means saving money as well. That’s a win-win proposition.


How To Make Your Lakeville Home More Energy Efficient


Insulate Everything

One of the biggest ways your home loses hot air in the Winter and cool air in the Summer is through corners, cracks and gaps in your home. You can often times save up to 20% of your heating and cooling bills by making sure everything possible is insulated in your home. This means to caulk all windows, cracks and gaps in siding, use weather stripping in doors and windows, put insulation around recessed lighting and more. If you are building new, even consider building part of your home into the ground.

Ventilate and Circulate As Needed

Attic fans can actually save you another load on your cooling bills. In the Summer, they pull the extremely hot air out of your attic and get it out of your home as quickly as possible. Also make sure the ceiling between the attic and ceilings below are well insulated to keep the heat in the attic (and out of the house).

Utilize Windows Properly

First off windows leak. There is no way around it, even the best windows leak. Make sure they are sealed and caulked properly. Second, use the solar heat from your windows in the Winter and make sure you have great window blinds in the Summer to block out the Summer heat.


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