3 Low Cost Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Under $200

In Real Estate on October 14, 2013 by Community Expert Team
3 Low Cost Bathroom Remodel Ideas For Under $200

The bathroom is an interesting room. You visit it multiple times every day for getting ready for your day, cleaning up, brushing your teeth, hair and other business (if you follow me). It is also a room that any visitor to your house may see at any time (unless you have a private master bath).


Naturally, you want your bathroom to be a place of peace and look good for any visitors who may find their way in. While full bathroom remodels can cost quite a few pennies, there are plenty of things you can do to spice up your bathroom and give it a fresh look without breaking the bank. Here are just a few:


Reface Your Bathtub

New bathtubs can cost anywhere from $500-$1000 just for the tub. Throw in the removal and installation and you’ve got a big expense on your hands. If your tub is sound and just needs a facelift, you can hire a professional to come out and refinish your tub for $200-$400 or you can even refinish it yourself for under $100.

Put In A New Floor

Flooring might be expensive, but bathrooms are typically quite small. Laminate floors today can mimic just about any material and come in any color you wish. If you choose to go with a tile, most tiles cost between $1-$3 per square foot and with bathrooms typically around $100 square feet, your still in a low budget range.

Install New Light Fixtures

If your home has older gold colored light fixtures and door handles, simply replacing these may add a whole new look to your bathroom. Consider going with a copper handle or brushed nickel for a elegant look for your bathroom.

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