The Buyer’s Benefit with The Steller Group

In Blog, Real Estate on February 8, 2013 by Community Expert Team
The Buyer’s Benefit with The Steller Group

The search for your next dream home is a journey. Finding it can be a special thrill, but the process can be daunting or even miserable without the right representation.

Protect yourself and your investment. Hiring a buyer’s agent is free to buyers, as the seller is responsible for paying both agents in the transaction. Working with an agent saves money, time, hassle and risk for the homebuyer. Considering this is usually the largest purchase you may make in your lifetime, having professional counsel from an agent with a fiduciary responsibility to you is a wise decision. Choose someone trustworthy, knowledgeable, and who you are comfortable enough with to freely and openly communicate.

The Steller Group has created a model that goes beyond the standard service that typical brokers provide to their buyer clients. We call it The Buyer’s Benefit. Here’s how it works:

Our lead buyer’s agent, Emily Medsker Jones, and our team’s showing specialist, Sean McNamara, work together within an infrastructure that provides expert, responsive and personalized service to our buyer clients. When buyers begin working with The Steller Group, Emily meets with clients to determine exactly what they are looking for in a new home. Once the top list of homes is determined, Sean shows the properties to the clients. While viewing the homes with the clients, Sean is listening and learning more about their needs. As Sean and the buyers hunt for homes, Emily is searching new options, researching values and writing offers. The clients may find the perfect home quickly. But if not, Sean and Emily will continue this collaboration until they track down the perfect fit.

After the buyers have found the house they want to purchase, the most important part of Emily’s job begins. She determines fair market value, discusses the contract process with the buyers, and then negotiates the purchase of the home. Emily advises the buyers on all aspects, deadlines and obligations of the contract. Emily attends the home inspections with them and helps determine what items may need to be addressed by the seller, including negotiating an inspection resolution. She works with their mortgage lender to make sure the lending process is going smoothly. Once the loan process is complete and we are ready to close, Emily coordinates with the title company to schedule closing, makes sure the final numbers for closing are correct and that the home is ready for the happy new owners.

The Buyer’s Benefit structure ensures our clients receive superior service. The system allows Sean and Emily to focus on their areas of expertise, while they in turn are supported by our complete team of transaction coordinators and real estate assistants.

That perfect home for you is out there, and we will find it for you! Contact us at 303.539.5228 or when you are ready to begin the journey.

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