Improving Your Greenwood Village Home For Sale

In Real Estate on August 20, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Improving Your Greenwood Village Home For Sale

When getting ready to sell their home, everyone starts to think about all of the things that need to be done and if they will pay off or not. Should you upgrade to granite countertops? Should you build a new deck? And so on. Problem is that many of these improvement don’t pay off when selling your home and should only be done if you plan on living in your home for at least 5 years (at least from a financial standpoint).


This is where a Greenwood Village Realtor can help you decide what really needs to be done to your home to help it sell fast and for the most money. They should know your market and what other homes in the area have and don’t have and be able to guide you through the entire process.


Improving Your Greenwood Village Home For Sale


Don’t Stand Out From Your Neighborhood

Don’t misunderstand me here, of course you want to stand out when selling. What I am saying is don’t be the only home in your neighborhood with the luxury kitchen. Yes, you will stand out, but your return on investment is going to be very bad. If everyone in your neighborhood has high end countertops, then you should too, but don’t be the only one. Being the most expensive home in a neighborhood usually doesn’t pay off.

Plan Your Home Improvements Ahead Of Time For The Biggest Return

If you plan your home improvements 5 years or more before you end up moving, you will find that they can pay off much better than if you were to do them right before moving. This is especially true with environmentally friendly appliances and home upgrade. These will usually pay off in 5 years and will make your home more attractive and sell quicker.

Repair Everything That Needs Repairing

If something needs repairing, it will show up. Whether it’s during showings and people don’t make offers due to the repairs needed or during an inspection, it will show up. If it is during an inspection, it may cost you bargaining power and cost you even more. Repair ahead of time and make your home more attractive.

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