Greenwood Village 2012 High Citizen Survey Results Are In!

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Greenwood Village 2012 High Citizen Survey Results Are In!

Greenwood Village 2012 High Citizen Survey Results Are In!


Greenwood Village is a wonderful place to live and the Citizen Survey backs it up! Greenwood Village had not conducted a Citizen Survey since 2008 but in November 2012, the Village conducted the comprehensive Citizen Survey to assess the level of citizen satisfaction with a wide variety of specific outcomes provided by the Village, and identify where improvements are needed and the results are in!


Quality of Life:

Greenwood Village residents expressed high levels of satisfaction with the quality of life in the Village. Nearly all residents (98%) rated the overall quality of life in the Village as either excellent or good.



Nearly all residents are very positive about personal and home safety. For these questions, residents were asked to respond whether they felt safe or unsafe. 97% of residents feel safe in their home with a similar number (95%) feeling safe in their neighborhood. A high number (95%) also feel safe in shopping areas within the Village. The vast majority of residents also feel safe when using parks and open spaces (87%),


Aesthesis & Beauty:

Residents gave high ratings to items regarding the aesthetics and beauty of the Village. Nearly all residents rated the overall appearance of medians and streetscapes (97%) as excellent or good, and the appearance and cleanliness of drainage ways and streams also scored a high rating (91%) as excellent or good as well.


Quality of Parks, Trails Recreation, Leisure & Learning Act ivies:

Greenwood Village residents rated Village parks, trails and open space very highly. Residents again had five possible responses for these questions— Excellent, Good, Average, Poor and No Opinion. 95% rated

the overall quality and appearance of parks, trails and open space as excellent or good. Most residents

responded that the overall accessibility to parks trails and open space from their home was also excellent or good (93%) while many (91%) also rated their overall experience while using parks, trails and open space high as well. How well the Village provides diverse recreational opportunities


Village Relationships, Identity & Sense of Community:

In the survey, residents were also asked to respond to questions about Village identity and sense of community.  Over 8 in 10 (83%) indicated that they strongly agree or agree that they have a high degree of trust and confidence in Village government. When asked if the Village keeps them well informed

about community issues and values, 84% rated it highly and 78% agreed they have a good understanding of community issues and values.


Trash Services:

New to the survey in 2012 were specific questions about trash and recycling services.  For overall satisfaction with trash services, 73% rated it as excellent with another 21% as good. Reliability scored even higher with 97% saying it was good or excellent, and 87% scored customer service highly. The ratings for recycling services were not as high as trash, but still scored very well; 89% rated their overall satisfaction as good or excellent, 82% scored reliability in one of the top two categories, and

81% scored customer service as good or excellent.


Customer Service:

A large percentage of residents (71%) had contacted Greenwood Village for a service or information within the past 24 months. These residents gave the Village very high ratings for its customer service (93%) as either excellent or good.


Information above was provided by To view a complete copy of the report, please see 2012 Citizen Survey Here

For more information on the 2012 Citizen Survey, please call Matt Cohrs, Assistant to the City Manager, at  303-486-5746.



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