Ipads Prove to Increase Classroom Learning

In Blog, Community News, news, Press Release on December 9, 2013 by Community Expert Team
Ipads Prove to Increase Classroom Learning

Greenwood, Indiana students find learning more interactive with Ipads. After a recent poll, “students saw learning gains after as little as 20 minutes of study.” With the support of fellow teachers, they might even learn more. Basically, Ipads do make a difference in the daily use of students in school, and should benefit other schools in the future.



Professor Schneps in National Geographic discussed the benefits of this tablet He explained that his virtual solar system study examined iPad use that is a bit different from most classroom applications. “Many educators are looking at the iPad as an inexpensive way to deliver content [and] to save money on textbooks, and a lot of apps are available that try to make learning into a kind of game,” he said.



Comparing results of tests across the country, the grades overall improved. Greenwood Schools are just one of a few privileged places that get to learn first. The future of education is going to change. They might seem like an unnecessary tool in the classroom now, but we’ll see how this technology evolves in the next few years, ie – that future generations will understand more.



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