Replacing Your Front Door Can Increase Home’s Value

Replacing Your Front Door Can Increase Home’s Value

Increase your home value with one easy replacement – the front door. According to “Remodeling” magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report”, installing a new front door can increase your value immediately. They suggest using a steel door as the number one choice that almost gives you 100% ROI for your home.

Pick an energy-efficient exterior door. You could skim a lot off of that monthly energy bill by making sure that you have the right door. With energy savings of up to $2,200, homeowners can use that extra money to take a nice vacation. The most difficult part of this process is choosing the perfect door for a particular home.

Steel doors are the best for saving money. Future homebuyers will take the insulation into consideration when they really get down to the details. They will notice your front door right away; it’s the first thing they see as they walk inside. A simple steel door can range in price from $150 to $400, depending on where you buy, while offering a strong barrier against possible intruders.

According to, fiberglass doors come in an immense variety of styles, many of which accurately mimic the look of real wood. And if limited up-keep is your ideal choice, fiberglass may be your best bet. These doors can literally go years without needing a paint or touch-up, and can last up to 20 years. “Remodeling” magazine estimates the cost of installation and purchase around $2,800, and can recoup about 71% in home resale value.

Lastly, the most popular choice among homeowners is wood. If you have a home that needs an impressive entrance wood may be your best purchase. It can be one of the most expensive choices out of all three materials, and requires more maintenance. Costing between $500 and $2,000, you can make a statement with a handcrafted wood door that homebuyers will definitely take notice. Choose a wood door that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to conserve energy.

Remember to pick a front door that complements your home, and will be appealing for future homebuyers. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure you reap energy cost savings in the long run.



This local update courtesy of your South Denver Community Expert.
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