Looking for Volunteers to Help Restore Jeffco Open Space

Looking for Volunteers to Help Restore Jeffco Open Space

Jeffco Open Space is looking for volunteers on Saturday, May 17th to assist with the recovery from the flood. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., workers and local helpers are going to gather and repair the damage that was caused to the previously beautiful Apex Park and trails. This is the fourth annual Spring into Service, sponsored by the Colorado Mountain Club.



Once lush and full of life, the south Denver parks need attention from willing residents that want to see the restoration happen quickly. The goal is to repair damage on Phase 2 trails at the park. Phase 2 includes Hardscrabble Trail, as well as the upper half of Apex Trail. By the end of September 2014, the city is hoping that the entire Jeffco Open Space is back to normal.



According to the Denver Post, the Spring into Service event will play a major part in accomplishing that goal. Smaller projects are ongoing at Apex, Alderfer/Three Sisters, North Table Mountain and White Ranch Parks. Outdoor recreation is a very important part of the Denver area, and keeping things well-maintained is essential for the growing population.



Registration for all flood recovery events can be found at www.jeffcoopenspace.eventbrite.com. It is suggested that trail volunteers wear hiking or work boots that go over the ankle and long pants. Also, bring work gloves, sunscreen and a daypack with water and raingear.



Family fun activities will be held throughout the day with environmental education purposes. The projects are geared to be fun for all ages. After all the hard work, volunteers are going to be rewarded with food, live music and free gear giveaways. Help keep the south Denver community looking great by participating in the Spring into Service annual event.



This local update courtesy of your South Denver Community Expert.
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