Grand Re-Opening of Denver’s Union Station Set for July 26

Grand Re-Opening of Denver’s Union Station Set for July 26

After the Denver Union Station was damaged by a fire in 1984 it has never been the same. They rebuilt the waiting room twenty years later to modernize the design. In the 1970s, Metro Denver and the Burlington Northern Railroad worked together to create a multi-modal facility that get residents to the airport, along with local buses and a Front Range Metroliner.



Today, the plan is to create a place where people can go for entertainment and travel. The Union Station has become a hotel, bus station, light-rail station, and home to Amtrak intercity trains. In addition, there are a few well-known restaurants and shops to check out while walking around the community.



According to the Denver Post, the depot has remained the historic anchor on the northwest end of 17th Street while the venerable Brown Palace Hotel stands sentry over the southeast end. The city has not stopped growing throughout the last decade with the ongoing demand for new housing and entertainment options.



It opened on July 26, 1881, designed by architect William E. Taylor. Now, the depot celebrates 133 years of being a part of Denver‘s extraordinary history. When Union Station opened, it was in the underdeveloped westside of the city, but businesses quickly learned to move nearby to gain economic value.



In earlier times, announcers standing in the middle of the waiting room shouted departures and arrivals. There were no boarding platforms, and trains operated at ground level, meaning passengers had to scurry across tracks to their trains while keeping one eye out for passing locomotives, said the recent article.



The grand re-opening of the Denver Union Station is set for July 26, 2014, the exact date it opened its’ doors in the 1800s. Newly remodeled rooms and seating is at the center of transportation for residents/visitors. Check out a piece of this city’s history by riding a station bus, and dine at one of the new restaurants. For more information visit their website at



This local update courtesy of your South Denver Community Expert.
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