Denver Native Retires to Volunteer Full-Time

Denver Native Retires to Volunteer Full-Time

Most people after retiring choose to relax and travel, but this Denver native spent her years volunteering around the community. After selling her Centennial home last year, Carol Harr became a full-time volunteer leaving her with little to no possessions – and doesn’t mind.



Everything that Harr owns can fit into her car, According to the Denver Post. She has been staying with supporters and friends. So far, she has volunteered for the social-justice advocacy group Catholic worker, as well as her current posting at the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, in Denver.


Harr is a full-time grassroots philanthropist. Dedicating her spare time to gardening.

“I’m not a thing person; I’m a memory person,” said Harr, 64, in the recent article.



This local update courtesy of your South Denver Community Expert.
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