Cherry Creek Habitat Gets 5 Million In Repairs

Cherry Creek Habitat Gets 5 Million In Repairs

Over the years a mile long section of Cherry Creek has been hit hard by runoff from nearby developments. The runoff from the nearby developments was causing the creek to be narrow and deep as well as more common issues from runoff such as:


  • Sediment
  • Oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from motor vehicles
  • Pesticides and nutrients from lawns and gardens
  • Viruses, bacteria, and nutrients from pet waste and failing septic systems
  • Heavy metals from roof shingles, motor vehicles, and other sources
  • Road salts


All of this together was having a negative impact on the local wildlife and vegetation and if left untreated would eventually have degraded to the area too far. The runoff was also effecting the water quality which in turn effects the community.


The work was done along a nearly mile long section of the creek that covers nearly 76 acres. The 5 Million dollar project raised the grade of the stream, restored the channel and restored the natural vegetation.


The stream, park, vegetation and wildlife saw immediate improvements and are already healthier now that the project is completed. Residents can now expect to see different wildlife around the area as well as more and healthier vegetation.


The city also hopes that with this newly restored area comes more pride from the community and a desire to keep the creek as healthy as possible.